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Malaysia a multi-cultural country and one of the most attracted tourist spot in south east Asia. A growing economy as Malaysia it has big attractions such as when it comes to food there are many huge eating restaurants both local and international food chains. But In all of this food business on truck has rapidly increased around Malaysia and now is very popular among all the people living in Malaysia. Food Truck business grew from time to time. People generally use to hesitate when it came to start a food trucks. But the trend got very common among people and now you can see many food trucks around many streets in every city of Malaysia.
Food Truck can be seen from many different perspectives if you see from a customer's perspective it
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A young entrepreneur needs to take huge risk and there is a minimum chance of a mistake as it could be very vital for the new business. Well Malaysians love Fast Food and on top of that local people love all types of burger. Selling a suitable burger with a cheap price would attract people from every set of age group. What makes Ramly burgers such a big thing in Malaysia is that in each slow down, everybody gets the same Ramly patty. What separates them from each other is the different fillings. A famous food truck business at subang jaya known as The Burger Shop, their trademark is a liberal dosage of dark pepper sauce that goes on each burger. On most evenings you can likewise get a dab of mushroom sauce, with genuine mushroom cuts still obvious as it overflows joyfully on your burger. At a normal offer of 500 burgers every night, this present truck's prevalence is unquestionable. Burger could be provided with many different items such as French fries, drinks and juices. Food truck cost is very low compare to starting a restaurant and the profit margin is high. So on the basis of this I think the setting up a business of "anday wala burger" food truck would be the a great option for a business. Firstly, anday wala burger is the national the burger of Pakistan very similar to Ramly burger but with extra flavor and much more to it. It comes in three form lamb chicken and beef, added with salad, mayonnaise and ketchup, it is tasty with or without egg. So a single serving of this is quite great for an empty stomach and it can fulfill the craving of any person. It is a very cheap burger and the price ranges from RM 1-2. Back in Pakistan the burger price is hardly RM 1, though it is not a high-class food but it targets everybody and mostly the local, middle class audience, students and the price is so cheap so I think everyone can enjoy the

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