Food Wastage Effects

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Food wastage, one of the biggest concern in the world and also rasie up many issues in the food supply chain. The food losses and waste mainly take part in the food supply chain and caused by consumer behavior. The impact of food wastage can classified into two part, environment and economy. The analyses focus on the causes of food wastage, the impact of food wastage and provide ways to solve the problem.
1.0 Introduction
Food is one of the basic needs for human, the supply and demand of food never decreased. However, the demand and supply in food has been reversed, which lead to a serious food wastage. In the evaluation by UNEP, every year the total of food being wasted corresponds to half of the world’s yearly cereal product ("Key facts on
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The influences of food wastage are analysed and the reason why the food had been wasted as well to prevent the food being wasted in Malaysia, and also stop the economic losses.
2.0 The causes of food wastage Food wastage was happening because of the consumption level in food supply chain, excessive waste during festive seasons and events, and the date labeling on food.
2.1 The consumption level In developed countries the major reason lead to food wastage is in consumption level. Most of the consumers have higher econmonic level, which can afford the higher food price, this make them having more choice during purchase, and buy more than lower income countries. (Parfitt et al., 2010) If the food has expired or rotten, they just throw out the food and buy again. On the other way ,mostly the consumer doesn’t buy based on their personal needs, yet on the beneficial side. The advertisement and promotion influence the consumer to buy more food, like buy one free one. Many restaurants start promote cheaper and larger portion plate to attract more customers, or enjoy buffet with a cheaper price. For the consumer, they will attracted by the promotion, however, they might not finish the food, and next step is throw away the food. (Gustavsson et al.,
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Food wastage not only affected the economy, also the environment. The GFG emissions occurred in the food supply chain, usually during the production stage and the final phrase (Food Wastage footprint and Climate Change, 2016). For example, the cow at the production stage, till it reached to consumer. From production stage, farmer feed the cow, to the transportation, to the restaurant, the ingredients used to cook the beef, and the end to the customer. In this long process assembled extra gas and methane, produce by the ruminant along the suppl chain. This cause the Greenhouse effect and climate change in globe. It also wasted the natural resources, such as land, water and
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