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Everyone needs to eat in order to live, and everyone should be able to.
As mentioned in the video clip supplemented by the article: “Report: Up to Half of World Food Production is Wasted”, there are severe problems with food waste in the industrialized world.
Rules set by the EU states that abnormal looking food should be thrown away. Misconceptions about the expiration date on food leads many consumers to throw away edible food.
By wasting food, we are also wasting the resources used in food production, such as water, energy, fertilizers, and the gasoline used during transportation.

The aspect to consider is why millions of people die of hunger every year, despite the world producing enough food to feed everyone. One reason could be that
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One of the central problems in the discussion on food waste is that many people throw away food too early. A report co-authored by the Natural Resources Defense Council and Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic shows that misconceptions about the expiration date on food leads 90% of American consumers to throw away edible food. Consequently, America waste 40% of their food production every year.
Many people do not know that freezing meat can make it last longer. When the meat becomes frozen, the growth rate of bacteria drops significantly, enough to make it last for op to nine months after the expiration date. Many people also mistakenly believe that expiration dates are about food safety, but they are really a guideline for the foods freshness. Confusion about the expiration date is therefore a central reason why people throw away edible food.
Like the charities and aid organizations, I believe that discussions on food waste are very important. Many people have the misconception that they cannot make a difference as individuals, but as I stated earlier, making changes in your food habits can reduce food waste. It will not happen right away, it will probably not be easy, but by taking responsibility for our actions, we can make a

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