Food Waste In America Analysis

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This whole genre project was focused on “Food Waste in America”. I emphasized specifically on edible foods that do not even get to reach the dinner table. The claim in this genre is to show how much healthy food in the United States is throwing away. This idea was generated from when I worked at Raising Canes Dodge Street. I worked there for two months, and within that time frame, I witnessed at two buckets of perfectly good chicken tossed out at the end of the day. The only problem with the chicken was that the chicken was seating out for more than 10mins without purchase. I also witness people on 72nd and dodge beginning for money and complaining about hunger. Although, it is good that Raising Canes is trying to always deliver fresh product to their costumer, there are should be better ways than just…show more content…
This board was meant to be a cherry on top kind of thing. Hopefully people saw the other boards before this one. However, I do think it gets the message across. I wanted the readers to see that a trusted or popular source saw that food waste was also an issue. From the picture, the viewers will have an idea of the food that never reaches their plate. The picture was meant to have feel of discrimination towards certain types of shaped food products. I wish I could have made the picture bigger, but if you look closely at each fruit, there is a little message there. For instance; for the ugly carrot, it says “IN A SOUP WHO CARES?” This shows that in the end, both ugly carrot and regular looking carrots will serve in the purpose. The four billboard argument idea was not just created overnight. The longest part of this project was finding a website that builds billboards for free online. I still did not get the result I wanted. The image URL copied create a different kind from the one I made. This what is the picture was supposed to look like when, but there was no way to save it like
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