Food Waste In College

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Initially, I wanted to do a prezi on food waste in general, but after some research I thought it would be interesting to narrow and explore food waste on college campus. I chose this topic in particular because as a college student living on campus and eating at the dining hall, this was more relatable. Furthermore, it is also a controversial topic among college campuses. Campus food waste is a problem as it is one of the biggest contribution to food waste. Therefore, I think every college campus should address the issue of food waste (which many of them are already) and work to further reduce it.
As I started to brainstorm some different ways I wanted to inform people, particularly college students about the impact of food waste and how we can reduce it, I thought about what is the best possible way to do so? I knew from the beginning that campus food waste is a serious topic so I needed to convey it in that tone. So, I started by outlining the different slides in the order that will give the viewer a background of food waste to the effects of it with statistics and information. Within that process, I
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Through this process, I also learned a lot about campus food waste. For example, I learned that Sodexo (SUNY New Paltz and other colleges’ dining hall company) have been tracking and composting their food waste in a local farm. In doing that, they found a drastic reduction in their food waste. Additionally, after researching and learning more about campus food waste, it made me more cautious about wasting food. Whenever I am at the campus dining hall, I try to eat with my stomach and not my eyes. I also try my hardest to finish what I have on my plate and if not, take it with me. Furthermore, I would try to encourage others to eat everything on their plate. This way, the food does not end up in the
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