Food Waste Of Food

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Food waste are one of the serious problem in every country that rarely been given attention compare to food itself and other problems. Food is an essential product we consume everyday to survive, the intense production of it is unavoidable and thus, excess leftovers and unused materials will results in waste is inevitable. A report by the National Consumer League(2015) sadly make us realize the continuously increasing number of people who lack of food, while people from developing country keep wasting more than 45% of their food. Food waste also capable of causing negative impacts on environment as the break down process of food can nurture bacteria and release unhygienic components.

However, these are only problems arise from the food we unconsciously thrown away. Food waste is, in a point of fact, full of potential when taken care of properly.

The waste of food materials is up to 1.3 billion tons of food per year which is not only causing major economic losses but also it is creating significant harm on the natural resources that humans rely upon to live. The waste materials from the foods is generating the impacts upon global environmental prospect, looking specifically at its consequences for the climate. Water, land and biodiversity are getting contaminated from the unmanaged food waste thrown into the river, farming land and ocean. It is not only harmful to the human health but also disturb the habitat and cycles of various
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