Foodland Induction

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At North Adelaide Foodland I am made well aware of how the owners want the business to run. When I started work at Foodland I underwent induction which included a tour of the store. During the induction I was told about the store uniform. Each shift I am required to arrive in black slacks and shoes along with the shirt and tie provided Romeo’s Foodland. Each worker is required to look neat and wear the name embroidered shirt and tie. The uniform is beneficial for customers as they can locate any worker quickly if need be as the red tie and white shirt stands out.

Every employee is required to wear their shirt with embroidered name for several reasons. With the workers name shown, communication is instantly improved. If a customer wishes to
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Clothes can get dirty very easily at work, due to the fact that I am continuously dealing with stock and various boxes/cartons which may be dusty. Not presenting yourself well at work can be an issue as it does not promote self-respect, and has a negative psychological effect on customers. People do not mean to have judgmental thoughts, but it is a natural instinct to disregard, or not trust someone dressed poorly, opposed to someone who appears sharp and visually pleasing. Customer perception majorly affects the quality of customer service. If one does not take pride in their appearance customers instantaneously think they do not care about their job and will most likely put off serving them to the best of their ability. Dressing poorly can encourages negative preconceived notions that customers may have about you. Negative effects such as complaints can occur when an employee has low levels of hygiene. Not ironing the work uniform, not showering before shifts and staying poorly-groomed can negatively affect customer relationship with workers, even though they may only be helping them for a few…show more content…
If I am not able to communicate and articulate the customer’s negative impacts such as bad reports or customer complaints can have effect on the business and my position as a part time worker. Poor communication is such a significant rising issue as retail is a very service based industry.
Managers pin up multiple 7 day rosters fortnightly which include dates and shift times for every employee. The pinboards are located in a secluded section of the store which includes the automatic clocking on computer. The rosters are purposely put here as it is convenient for workers and out of the way of customers. When an employee clocks off the computer displayed an automated message which informs them of their next shifts date and time. This is done in order to prevent people being absent from there shift, as they are being forced to view there next requested date and time to work. Although the shift times shown are in half hour increments, it is expected that workers arrive to work approximately 10 minutes before there shift to maintain punctuality. It is an often occurrence where I must inform my manager of an intended absence. Giving employers notice of intended absences is important as being late or absent could disrupt normal workplace routine. Although employers can often find a way around this type of issue, it is
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