Foodways In Native American Culture

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‘Pre-Columbian Indigenous Americans’ foodways were a foundational aspect to the modern American diet. Food used by Native American tribes would greatly transform the European diet. The study of Mesoamerican foodways allows us think about why important crops such as maize, potato is still widely used today. Foodways studies, particularly Pre-Columbian foodways, are critical to our historical understanding relating to early agricultural practices, political economies, and how plants and animals were domesticated. Great empires such as the Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas inhabited vast lands of Central and South America. The Pre-Columbian era was a time for indigenous cultures to flourish and to maintain their traditions. For many thousands of years, indigenous North American tribes maintained sacred relationships with themselves, with their food and the environment they lived in. Some of these indigenous people were hunters and were continually on the move depending on where their food source traveled. They often traded with other tribes, exchanging game for agricultural products. On the other hand, indigenous peoples also gathered fruits, nuts, and vegetables and stayed in a more limited area. They shared storytelling as a means of spreading important lessons across generations about the connection between plants, animals, and people. As a result, because of indigenous culinary practices their contributions were responsible in making our modern diet and establishing American ways

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