Foolhardy: What Is Insanity?

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When it comes to insanity there is always one misconception. That misconception is that people automatically assume that they mean that person is deranged in the mind. Which is also presumed as a bad thing. Actually to be insane is quite human in nature. Insanity is not a bad thing. It actually has many other definitions people do not think of. Definitions that do not necessarily mean crazy. These definitions of insanity are to be foolish, be senseless, or to be foolhardy. Each of these may lead to the conclusion that insanity is not a bad thing after all. That it is actually very important to the people of the world. It defines the people of the world as human. To refer to the excuse it is only human. Which also means, to be human one must be insane in a sense. Like people do stupid things, or something of that venue. However, how does this tie to being foolish, being senseless, or to be foolhardy? Also how is insanity human? When it comes to being foolish there are many connects to insanity. However, that does not necessarily mean crazy. Especially the actions that goes with foolishness may make a person think it is crazy due to the word foolishness. However, what is foolishness? Foolishness is the lack of sense, or the action of…show more content…
Just like the previous occasions. This does not mean the person is crazy. To know that everyone must know what is foolhardiness. So, foolhardiness is to act without forethought. To explain more of this. Forethought is when a person thinks before they act; an insane person does not do that. Now this action can be defined as human too. Due to the fact that everyone has at least once has gotten into a situation. When they acted without thinking about the consequences of their actions, and just walked in anyways. However, it is not looked down on. Those who do not use forethought. Are labeled insane which is not right to the person in question. They are unique; they are

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