Foolishness In Uglies

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A world where everyone is pretty. A world with no wars or destruction. This world sounds too perfect right? Uglies by Scott Westerfeld is a dystopian novel in which uglies who are sixteen are turned to Pretties. However, Tally a sixteen year old Ugly has a problem with getting the operation because her friend ran away. Getting her back is the only way to become a Pretty. She was willing to give up her friend for beauty but regretted it after learning the truth about the operation. By turning pretty not only does your appearance change but so does your mind, the way you think and what you think. Tally destroyed the Smoke because she is a selfish, hesitant, and subservient person. The Smoke is a place where Uglies who know of its existence turn to when they don 't want to receive the operation. The Smoke is a ‘city’ within the wilderness full of Uglies and is a hidden from the Cities. Selfishness is a part of human nature. To obtain what is wanted, personal things are given up, but is a friend’s happiness or friendship something worth trading? Tally was the only one who had a way to find Shay. Tally was given a choice to either bring back her friend and other runaway Uglies and be Pretty, or keep all the information she has about her friend and stay Ugly forever. Being told that her biggest dream, becoming…show more content…
She is the reason that the Smoke is destroyed and now Shay is a pretty. However she is willing to spread the truth about the operation and helped create the “New Smoke” and she volunteer to test a pill which could reverse the operation which could save Shay. So who is Tally Youngblood? She is the girl who wants to be pretty and have everything the way she wants, but she is also the girl who is a rebel and thinks outside the box. She is the girl who destroyed the Smoke because of her selfishness, although she does try to fix the mess she created, she is still responsible for what has
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