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Foot Anatomy This post shows the very basic anatomy of the foot. Though, we generally discuss the heel pain and heel cracks on this blog. But, it is better to have general knowledge about foot anatomy. Our foot consists of 26 bones, 33 joints, 100+ muscles, tendons & ligaments, artery, and all these are covered by a supportive thick skin. Foot Bones Total 26 bones locate in three main portions of our foot: Forefoot, Mid-foot, and Hind-foot. It separates into three parts; tarsals, meta-tarsals, and Phalanges. Tarsal Bones Seven tarsal bones locate in two sections (hind-foot, and mid-foot) of our foot. Where, hind-foot contains two tarsal bones named talus & calcaneus; and mid-foot contains five meta-tarsal bones. [The following two are hind-foot bones]…show more content…
Where medial plantar nerve is associated with flexor hallucis brevis. Deep branch of lateral plantar nerve is associated with adductor halluces muscle and superfacial branch is associated with digiti minimi brevis muscle. Fourth Layer The fourth layer of intrinsic muscles is made with the plantar and dorsal interossei muscles. These two muscles work differently. The plantar interossei made with unipennate morphology and dorsal interossei made with bipennate. • There are three plantar interossei muscles in the foot. These muscles adduct digits three to five and help to move the metatarsophalangeal joints. • Four dorsal interossei muscles are found in the foot. And they locate between the metatarsal. These muscles abduct digit two to four and flex the metatarsophalangeal joints. Only lateral plantar nerve is innervated within these muscles. Skin Skin is the outer part of our body. It covers our body and protects from the outer environment. It also shows many important functions such as thermoregulation, sensory perception, immunologic surveillance, resistor of insensible fluid loss

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