Foot Cramps Research Paper

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Foot Cramps

The long period of walking and standing takes toll on our feet because our feet carry our weight. This is why foot cramps are among the most common feet disorders. Foot cramps are painful and involuntary spasms that affect the muscles.

Foot cramps can last for a couple of minutes or even days. Usually, the toes, particularly the big one, and the inner arch, are the parts very affected. A lot of people describe it as an abrupt, sharp pain that restrains them for a few minutes.

The cause of foot cramps is more significant that the inconvenience and discomfort it can cause. Knowing what can cause foot cramps can help you avoid its recurrence.

1. Common causes of foot cramps

Regardless of the time, you calf muscles and foot can cramp or spasm. This can take place on different muscles, not only in
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In using the heating pad, be sure that the temperatures are just right so that it will not burn you. In many cases, hot or cold compresses will eliminate the pain for several minutes, but it is ideal that you leave it for around ten minutes to ensure that the pain completely goes away.

• Massaging your affected foot is also good for foot cramps

Massage is the instant reaction of many people when it comes to foot cramps. You can do this by applying pressure on the area of your foot that is cramping and firmly press on the spot where the pain is. A soft or hard touch can be proper depending on which way can reduce the pain. Massage can lessen muscle tension and helps blood circulation on the affected muscles as well.

• Try medication to ease your cramps

There are times that foot cramps are due to lack of certain vitamins and/or minerals that are important to the body. Magnesium and calcium supplement can help easily eliminate foot cramps.

• Use clove oil to get rid of foot

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