Foot Locker Research Paper

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Foot Locker A Place I really know about, and can give a lot of information is Foot Locker. Foot Locker is one of the biggest shoe selling industries I the U.S. I picked a Foot Locker for this essay because I really know about shoes, and I usually buy my shoes there. I can also influence people to buy shoes, or just tell them what great deals and shoes they have I stores. One great thing I can tell you about Foot Locker is how great the quality of the store is. Foot Locker is a really clean store. You can walk up in there, and see no dirty shoes, walls, shoe stands, and dirty floors. I can really compare the store quality of Foot Locker, and other stores. For example, stores like WSS, Famous Foot Wear, and Shoe Factory have…show more content…
Why are brands important? Brands are important because you’re not going to want to buy cheap brands that will not last. Here at Foot Locker you have good amount of brands that are well known for being good. You will probably like them, or even buy them. For example, brands like Jordan, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Converse, and Puma are great brands that you will be interested in. there many types of shoes you can buy like Basketball, Running, outgoing, soccer, and football shoes. Foot Locker has them all, and you can buy them online, or at the store; in fact, the store might give you a discount for you buying at the store not online. Foot Locker doesn’t only sell shoes, but they also sell clothes that can match with your can make you look better unless you’re bad at picking clothes. This is why Foot Locker is a great store because they don’t only sell one brand, and one type of shoes; therefore, you have more choices to pick at what’s at stores. Service is probably the most important part of owning a business, and specially at a store like Foot Locker where there’s a lot of communicating. Foot Locker service is really good. I can literally walk up in there, and someone already helping me on something, or offering me something. They are really useful when it comes to choosing shoes because they should know mostly every shoe in the store, and help you choose a shoe you like. Foot locker is a great shoe store that can help you on buying shoes when you don’t know anything about
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