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Foot orthoses are most commonly seen in the form of insoles that are worn inside of a shoe to treat various foot disorders. The primary function of these orthoses is to increase the area of the foot in contact with the shoe’s insole and redirect some of the forces experienced by the foot. They are often used to relieve pain, increase stability, prevent ulceration, and correct deformity. Patient’s with calluses, ulcerations, tendonitis, and pain in the feet, knee, hip, or lower back are often given foot orthoses to help manage their symptoms. Plantar pressure measurement is sometimes used to evaluate different foot disorders/deformities and the effectiveness of their treatment. Abnormal amounts of pressure in the foot during it’s loading response may be indicative of potential or existing pathologies (Orlin, 2000). To understand the effect of foot orthoses, normative data are required. Numerous researchers have measured the plantar pressure values of different populations for barefoot walking…show more content…
This is typically done with the subtalar joint held in neutral position and the patient in a partial or non-weight bearing position. (Lusardi, 2013). Chuter (2003) found that there may be some disagreement in the “neutral position” determined by different clinicians. Positive models of the feet are then created, modified, and used to shape the orthoses. In recent years, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) has been increasingly integrated into the field of orthotics and prosthetics. Emerging technologies in 3-dimensional scanning, printing, and selective laser sintering (SLS) offer numerous advantages over traditional methods (Pallari, 2010). CAD/CAM technologies may offer a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional methods of plaster casting and foam impressions (Payne,

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