Foot Powder Lab

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The purpose of the lab is to find out the suspect who stole the teacher’s grade book by taking a series of test, evidence, and analysis. We’re testing the foot powder for evidence and have to figure out the ingredients in the foot powder. The series of the test contains five test. The test to start with is a visual examination. We’re supposed to record the color and texture. For the water test, we would have to stir and mix it with the foot powder. Next we would mix the foot power with vinegar and look for a gas production. After you would do the same to iodine with foot powder, but look for either a dark purple or blackish color after dropping iodine in the foot powder. Finally, you would do the heat test which…show more content…
A and b started to liquefy as did the evidence sample. It wouldn 't be sample c because nothing reacted. Sample d would fit because it made a sizzling noise, just like the evidence sample. The evidence seems to be Ms. Tavaglione. The foot powder ingredients contained was gelatin, detergent, baking soda, salt, and talc. I came to this conclusion the mystery powder lab data table. We found the brands by the blue guide for the powder lab. I think it’s Ms.Tavaglione because properties that the evidence has, her foot powder has. The heat test was was the most important because it can determine what the powder would smell, sound, and look during the heat test. C and D were the only ones that were chemical reactions because they were showing sign of chemicals. It was a need to retest, so we can know it is reliable and accurate. To avoid contamination, we would open one at a time and use one spoon for each container. I wouldn 't do anything new to improve this lab because we did exactly what the guide paper told us to do. The next step is if they used the same foot powder is to trace the DNA off the evidence foot powder in the same room when the grade book got stolen which is on the floor. Police and fire departments use chemistry by using DNA and for whose to blame for a crime or

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