Football And Cricket: The Causes Of Football Fans

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Nowadays, football and cricket have been the most two sports that attract people’s attention. For instance, in South Asia cricket had been the undisputed king of all sports with a huge number of fans who support their teams no matter what. Nevertheless, football is known word widely for its tremendous number of fans and how much these fans support their team by attending each and every single one of their matches , but controversy have been encompassing about which of these two games is currently the most prevalent sport in terms of the number of fans and how much loyalty and support they provide to their team, however, that doesn 't mean that it is an advantage, fans in lots of sports have been known to cause riots and vandalism during the match or even after it, and in many cases as the number of fan increases, more trouble is caused. Fans mainly try to express their feelings or passion in sports by cheering, but in many cases over excitement causes physical violence which leads to ruffian behaviors. I believe that football is clearly the most popular sport at the moment, making football fans more than cricket fans, which in fact reflects their hooliganism.

First, in terms of disputes, football fans cause more troubles because of the huge excitement and emotions offered in small duration, conflicts between different supporters. In our time, it is common to hear about football fans causing troubles and even fighting each other if they support two different teams, this is

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