Football Argumentative Analysis

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How would you feel if your son were to tell you he wants to play football? You know it can cause him a lot of problems so why allow him to play it? Football is a very tough sport that teaches young boys how to build character but it also has its aftermath, it causes concussions and leads to regret. It is indeed a dangerous sport to play. I wouldn’t want to have that scary feeling of losing my son every time I saw him on the football field. Therefore, I would not give my son permission to play football because it causes concussions and bodily injuries, promotes violence and causes permanent brain damage and death.

One of my reasons that my son would not be able to play football is because it leads to violence. It has proven that ¨Ray Rice a NFL player beat his wife-to-be.¨ This is very clear from a mom’s perspective that the things you enjoy can affect your love ones and cause them damage as well. At this point I feel like it would be hard to control yourself when you have suffered from hits on the head. There is evidence to suggest that all those hits to the brain may increase to commit domestic violence according to (Dan Diamond). If it gets to the point where violence is now apart of their life then they should get help immediately.

Another good reason I wouldnt allow my son to play football would
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There’s so many testimonies of football players whose families have not been the same ever since their career ended. Marriages can fall apart, friendships can break and no more communication between loved ones because of the impactful result. Having to lose all your family has to be one of the hardest things to deal with and even more when you don’t know how to keep it together. As a mother I would be very miserable if my sons life turns out to be like that this is why I would guide him to the right directions as long as it’s positive for him and his
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