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This movie came to air on September 23, 2000, and was directed by Boaz Yakin. This movie is about a high school football team in Alexandria, Virginia who were facing a new integration law at their high school and how their football team would be melding black and white players to the team. The team and coaches will have to overcome many problems as the season progresses, and become a family to overcome the obstacles thrown their way with the team captain, Gary Bertier getting in a life damaging car accident, and the state title on the line. they will have to work together and put aside their differences if they want any chance in winning.Teamwork makes the dream work with an open mind is the theme of this movie. A scene that accurately represents my theme is when the football team was at football camp before the season had started and the coaches felt that the team was not working together and practicing well enough so Coach Boone, the head coach, decides that until they start practicing better, they will be practicing three times every day until he feels that the team is working to the level they need to be. So one day after the third practice of the day team captain…show more content…
The staff consist of 4 coaches, 2 white and 2 black. They talked about how they would need to put their difference aside, racial and personal if they wanted to become a successful football team so the coaches made a pact that every decision they made would only be to better the team and give them a better chance of winning. The way this reflects on my theme is before this meeting the coaches had many disputes with each other and seemingly just argued to argue sometimes. So by holding this meeting the coaches decided that they needed to clean up their acts in the best interest for the team. This is a situation where teamwork leads to better outcomes than individual

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