Football Concussions: A Case Study

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Sporting events are one of the most common venues for concussion injuries. In 2012 alone, there were more than 3.8 million reported concussions, twice as many as a decade earlier(Firm). Athletes have a very high chance of getting concussions. The severity of the concussion can vary. Concussions are not taken as serious as it should be. The severity of concussions are not taken seriously enough due to the fact of cheap equipment being used, and because of the lack of proper diagnosis and unclear recovery process that can be linked to long term affects from concussions. Cheap equipment has been proven to lead and cause concussions and other head injuries. The NFL and Riddell are in a lawsuit right now because of not providing the proper equipment for players. The family of Junior Seau is suing the NFL and Riddell because the death of Junior was linked to a disease caused by multiple concussions and head blows (Shyr). During football season I suffered a concussion due to a cheap helmet that didn’t have enough padding and air in it. I was able to withstand the hit but when my head hit the ground, due to quality of the helmet, I suffered a major blow to the head. Cheap equipment, like in my case, is linked to the cause of many injury’s…show more content…
Due to the lack of proper concussion screening equipment it is hard to truly know if someone has a concussion. My friend Tyler had a near death experience due to being misdiagnosed with not having a concussion. The doctors gave him a CT Scan and a MRI and they showed that he did not have a concussion. Tyler would almost die because of this wrong diagnosis. According to The Eisen Law Firm, if a player does not pass out after suffering from a major blow, most coaches and medical staff will not diagnose that athlete with a concussion (Firm). If athletes get diagnosed properly there is still another problem and that is getting the proper recovery
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