Football Hooliganism In Football

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Football is one of the main targets for the modern media. Professional and national football teams and its players become objects of worship of thousands and millions people worldwide. Journalists present at every match across the country and all over the world. Audience may follow not only football matches, but training and everyday life of footballers, coaches, football managers and even football therapists. The chances of any story or incident being missed are slim in such media coverage.
Football fanatism is one of the parts of modern football. It is impossible to imagine football match without fans’ activity. Modern football is a kind of interactive show with football stars on the field, performances on the terraces and high quality picture of both sides on different screens. About half of a century journalists at football matches reported crowd behavior, rather than just the game. It is evident that in these circumstances the media plays a very significant role in the public’s view of football fanatism and especially hooliganism. For decades football supporters have caused disorder both inside and outside football grounds in almost all countries where football is played . Acts of hooliganism have produced consequences of varying degrees of severity , including injuries and fatalities, as well as damage to property both inside and outside of stadiums. As a result of such occurrences, the phenomenon has received widespread attention from a variety of circles, notably the

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