Fraud Of Ghana

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Fraud of the Beautiful Game Within Accra

A new sunrise break befalls Accra, Ghana. Hundreds of thousands of boys flock to their schools and dispassionately await for the concluding bell to chime when they’ll bust loose of obligations and play football on a gravel pitch with two rusty goals. To them, football is their life and outlook. Playing in the dust and being coated in clay and sweat is only part of it.
Ghana stands as a prospering nation located on the African mainland with tremendous potential in technology and football. Ghana intrigues dozens of thousands of youthful, aspiring footballers who crowd from all beyond Africa. They come to Ghana in search of a brand-new life, and optimism of becoming the next Michael Essien or Didier Drogba
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Almost 90% of Ghanaian children are in school – compared with 64% in Nigeria and 72% in Pakistan." Ghana's government prioritizes education for their modern generation and spends more on education than other nations although "Two-thirds of Ghana’s 26 million people are farmers" (The Guardian) and may not have a high salary income. This is presumably due to the fact that Ghana is one of the more steady countries in Africa economically and politically with solid infrastructure and infrequent political…show more content…
This is a significant issue which leads to wasted talent, in addition to the exploitation of these players. Per The Guardian, "There are an estimated 500 illegal football academies operating in Accra alone. Thousands more are spread across Ghana. Many are run by the roadside; most have no proper training facilities." The aforementioned statement is an eye-opener to the reality of football in Ghana, where millions of skillful teens will not have an opportunity at a decent football league to improve and develop their abilities and technique. In the last several years, various improvements have been performed, as Tom Vernon established the foundation named Right to Dream in 1999, which concentrates on football while still providing young athletes a great education so that they can acquire scholarships to play in the US or the UK. They spend thousands of dollars on every child to guarantee them the best welfare. Throughout the years, thirteen players have graduated from the Right to Dream Academy and become professional footballers, most notable David Accam, Emmanuel Boateng, and Majeed Waris. These professionals have succeeded to play professional football in alliances such as the Major League Soccer and the Russian Premier League. Nevertheless, these players represent a minute portion of those that make it to the professional level and play in more prestigious leagues around the globe. Online press

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