Football Injuries

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Well that 's just great isn 't it, now we might lose the finals! Calm down Jim, it 's just a game, let them hurt themselves. No Dan! (Jim runs to his room and slams his door). I know people get hurt a lot, but it was their choice to play. In my opinion, I hate football. My reasons are that the injuries that the players get, how the injuries affect their lives, and what the players think of the sport. Also, I will get my evidence from "Weighing the Risks", "Let Them Play", and "The Professionals ' Points of View". To start off, players can get injuries from playing sports. When players headbutt there is a chance they can get a really bad head injury. When they studied the players ' brain tissue in source one- "Weighing the…show more content…
Another reason is football players can even loose consciousness playing football. If a football player bangs his head hard enough on another helmet , he can suffer from a concussion . A concussion is temporary unconsciousness from a blow to the head. In source two- "Let Them Play" , the author stated "Today, the NFL does not allow a player with a concussion to return to a current game." That makes sense though, I wouldn 't want to go back into a game after i loose consciousness. She also said" Not too long ago, payers were treated with smelling salt and sent back into the game." I know there 's a reason and all, but how does salt help? Is it like a super smell or something? I 'm going to research it later. Last but not least, what do the players think of the sport and the injuries? When a player gets hurt, I know he 's not happy. But what I want to know is what they say about their injuries. In source three-" The Professionals ' Points of View", one of the players, D.J. Fluker stated " I love football. I can play through an ankle injury, "Fluker said. " Playing with my brain (not responding) is a whole different subject." I totally agree, playing through a little injury is easy! But compared to a head injury, it 's a whole different level of pain. In conclusion, my reasons that football isn 't very good have been stated. A head injury can affect a persons life tremendously. Many players suffered from concussions overall, at least 200 in 2015. I wonder if next year the amount of injuries can decrease. I got a
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