Football Injuries In Football

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The National Football League has been the main professional football organization for over 50 years. Throughout this time, many players have suffered injuries to the body, head, face, and other miscellaneous health issues. Injuries can affect a person and a team in many different ways. Players sit out for different amounts of time depending on the type of their injury. Injuries can end a player’s season and possibly even his career. Although fans are not directly affected by injuries, their favorite player could get injured which could cause them to lose interest. The NFL has always had ways to recover from injuries, but that is not as productive as finding ways to prevent injuries. In order to find ways to prevent injuries, the NFL has used technology. Technology aids in the prevention of head, facial, and body injuries, and other miscellaneous health issues. Technology has helped prevent head and facial injuries in a variety of ways. The evolution of helmet technology is one example. When football was first played, the helmets were made out of leather and did not offer much protection. Helmets were later upgraded to plastic materials, and today, many helmets are made of polycarbonate materials. In search of safer helmets, labs at Virginia Tech have tested helmets to see which ones can withstand the most force (“10 Technological”). The facemask is another technological invention that has aided in head and face injuries. Injuries to the face were fairly common in the

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