Football Injury

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Luke Kuechly, a first round draft pick in 2012, is a 25 year old linebacker for the Carolina Panthers. Kuechly is obviously one of the best inside linebackers to play the game as he has already made three trips to the Pro Bowl, was awarded First-Team All-Pro selection three times, and was named Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2012. He has a clear passionate for the game, yet the star may be closer to retirement than he and his fans hope. Kuechly has already received two threatening concussions in his past two seasons that would likely negatively impact his future health and well-being. Fans wait in fear to see if their star defender will ever return to the game. In recent years, doctors have worked to determine how dangerous concussion actually…show more content…
Heads up Football: Safety in Action is an organization of USA football that focuses on the well-being of all aged football players. They have “worked with leaders in both medicine and sport across the country to create a full-featured program that any league or school can use to address key safety issues - empowering coached to implement each component of the program”. Specifically, they work to properly teach and certify coaches in injury prevention and recognition, educate on concussion and dehydration, demonstrate proper equipment fitting, and inform players how to properly tackle and block. This program is a great step in the safety of the sport of football and will continue to spread awareness throughout the country on the importance of keeping their bodies safe the number one…show more content…
As the stands continue to fill and the fans continue to hollar, many players feel the pressure to perform at their best, even if that means pushing through a serious injury. On the day following Kuechly’s concussion hit, NFL fans mostly discussed how the Panthers won the game, while some gossiped about the Kuechly’s tears. Does getting carted off the field while crying make Kuechly any less of a man or athlete? Does it make him weak? The answer is no. Kuechly is exceptionally brave for putting his life on the line to do what he love every week and entertain the crowd while doing so. Maybe the problem with the serious, overlooked injuries is not with the players or the NFL but with the fans. Football has always been a dangerous sport but the increasing attention to this issue will continue to make the game safer. However, the fans will continue to crave the big hits, the big plays, the big stories that follow. They count down the days for Sunday Night Football with their friends and family so they can watch other men destroy their bodies and their health while they simply sit on their couch, drinking beer, eating chips, and discussing how “sick” a hit or catch was. They tweet about their favorite tackle of the night and how tough a player is for continuing to play when he is hurt. That only encourages these NFL players to push through pain and serious injuries. Unfortunately, it also
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