Football-Personal Narrative

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It was a hot Monday morning, a horrible day for any sort of athletic practice, however the football coaches thought it was the perfect weather.
James frowned as he stepped out of the locker room. The air was sticky and he felt almost like he was trapped in a vacuum, it was hard to breath. The click clack of cleats on concrete signaled the exit of the rest of the team.
He was only a sophomore but he’d apparently made quite the impression on the head coach last year. How was he going to survive varsity?
“Dude…is coach trying to kill us?” James asked, with a line of sweat already forming on his brow.
“I wouldn’t doubt it, that man is crazy,” Mike Manning replied, the offensive tackle was already dripping sweat as well. If anybody had seen him they would’ve thought practice was already over. “There’s no way in hell that I’m gonna practice in this.” Mike waved his arm towards the field.
“Oh really Manning?” Coach Adam Ross appeared behind him. “ If you want, you can just run for the entire practice, I really don’t care.”
Mike looked down at his cleats, not saying a word.


“That goes for anybody else who thinks they’re not going to give me a hundred percent today. I don’t care how hot it is!” Coach Ross yelled. “ If you’re not going to give me that, get off of my field. You can be replaced”
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Some of you may have heard of it, its called the Oklahoma drill.” His smile widened. “The concept is simple enough. On each side of these ropes we are going to have an offense and defense. Offense at the top of the ropes, defense at the bottom. Running backs are going to line up behind and offensive lineman, and a defensive lineman is going to get in his stance in front of the oline with a linebacker behind him. Offense, your goal is to run into the defense side, defense your job is to stop them. If you step outside the ropes, you get three laps. Are there any
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