Football Segregation In The 1920's

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Football Segregation in the 1920s In the 1920s, there was a great demand for entertainment, especially with the improvements of the middle class and the development of disposable income and leisure time. With entertainment came sports, and with sports came racism. Many sports, football in particular, was on the edge about being segregated or not. According to Sports Institute Magazine, “ The degree to which these degrading segregation policies hurt black communities – in and outside of sports”. Jackie Robinson once said, “I’m not concerned with your liking or disliking me… All I ask is your respect as a human being.” This was the main problem in sports. Coaches and managers didn't even care how good players were or what their personality was like. If you were a minority player, they didn't want to invest in you or coach you. They just didn't want anything to do with you. …show more content…

Certain football leagues have been segregated at different times. A source said, “National Football League was completely segregated from 1934-1945.” The 1920s was one of many high points in racism and segregation in the United States. This suggests how much it had an impact on sports, such as football, and the way it was run. In this time period, it was very easy to have segregation in sports because it was in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. With the time being near the Civil Rights Movement, some African American civil rights leaders had different views of minorities participating in

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