Football Stereotypes

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We have seen it on the news about two years ago when it was first reported, somebody was offended by the Washington Redskins NFL logo. Which cause an uproar with people finding every Indian logo offensive, from youth teams to high school, college, and then professional teams. Then the lawsuits began with the Washington Redskins, according to Dan Snyder, owner of the Redskins, told ESPN writer Steve Wulf, “The name of our football team is the name of our team. And I would like to encourage you to do and everyone else to do is just look at history, and understand where the name came from, understand that it means … honor, it means respect, it means pride. And it’s that simple” (Wulf). The way I look at it, is look at how the history books portray…show more content…
There is no reason as to why would she be offended, instead of talking about how the team did, who the coach is, who they are playing, we get to look on the news about people being upset over a picture on the side of their helmets. Why aren 't we complaining about the “Cowboys”, or the “Steelers” or maybe the “Yankees”, the only reason why this is a big deal for the Redskins, is because it’s a Native American, and we have to feel bad for them. The Redskins is a big deal because we took their land, they are poor, they were here first, we missed treated them, they don 't look like that, and we have to feel bad for everyone that is worse off than us. We have always seen an Indian with a Tomahawk, paint, and Tepees, even in children books, so why aren 't we offended by those books? When I see a Native American, I see people who have “overcame adversity, they are persevering people” (Anderson). I see people who have overcome a lot of wars, people who are kind hearted, strong, and smart people, the people who give their all to keep what is
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