Football Steven T. Dekosky Analysis

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Football: A Popular sport among all americans played, from toddlers to adults. Although it might be fun and games, football is the leading cause of deaths of thousands of players from brain injuries such as concussions. Due to large amount of brain development issues, highschool football should not be played. Many cases of brain damage due to concussions at such a young age can cause young children to lose focus in school. Steven T. Dekosky, author of The New England Journal of Medicine states that,“the skull provides the brain with a protective thick, bony encasement, yet its irregular interior presents opportunities for damage to the fragile tissues it has evolved to protect..” ( Dekosky proves that the brain is fragile and should…show more content…
Junior year of highschool Zack was the start defesive possition on varity, during homecoming peprally game he was struck head first to the ground after he was tackled. After the couch called timeout due to zack rocking back and forth in pain he pusshed it off and was back on for 3rd quarter. Befreo second half could end zack collaped on the feild and was rushed to the hospital where doctors had to remove both left and right side of his scull to relive pressure iniside the brain. After that trajic night zack has been expereincing several sesures daily and was sadlly in a coma for 3 months, 4 weeks in a nersing home and childrens hopitals. Zakc was not able to walk of eat on his own or do any daily activity until 4 years went by. “Zack’s recovery has been long, trying and miraculous by many accounts. He has again proven himself a fierce competitor.” ( these sayings such as “push it off” or “its okay your almost done” has caused highschool students such as zack to expereience such tramaizing and painful brain trama and these has been multiple cases like zacks story, lucky he has survied but not all have. (idk if this to much or not
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