Football Team Interview Essay

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arfield high school 's football team for the past 5 years has been seen as a joke; from the countless nights the band has to play and the cheerleaders have to cheer in hope of a victory, but being left with nothing to cheer for or look forward to those Friday nights under the lights.

Playing difficult eastside teams and losing as if there were 5 year olds playing on the field. This was one of Garfield 's biggest upsets in sports history.

Looking to build a better and cohesive football team; athletic director Ed Haskins interviewed coach Sparks in the middle of the 2013-2014 school year.

Coach Sparks assumed the role of Garfield 's high schools head football coach and started football practice at the end of the spring track season. Working for this upcoming school year and dropping to 3A Metro he knew that practice was something that was a necessity for the team. The team has improved endlessly with a 5-1 record in league this school year, with their only loss being against Roosevelt High School.

“Coach Sparks has made us believe again” said Garfield senior Shyheem Trowell. “With countless hours of practice and classroom sessions we have came along way since last year.”

Being a football joke Garfield has been seen as football triumph, having to fight through the diversity and also the
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“People say that I was the star player, but I know that I can do better” said Antoine. The team didn 't have one star player which made it a even bigger success the opposing teams didn 't have to focus on taking down one key player rather they have to figure out which player to watch. Garfield has a large amount of key player that are like the Tony Wroten, Tramaine Isabel, Tucker Haymond, and the Demario Hall of the team. Players like; Winfred Roberson, Antoine Patton, Rashad Jones, Ian Sanders and much more. These players are making the team better one step at a time. With the success seen this year there are greater things to come in the
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