Football Team-Personal Narrative

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Today was the day, Jack my twin brother, and I find out if we are accepted into the California University football team. Sure, I was laughed at and taunted at tryouts, but I know I did well. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring. “Macy, your letter is here,” yelled Jack. “I will be right down,” I replied. I was so nervous, I have been wanting to play football for California University my whole life. Running downstairs, my heart was pounding through my chest. Jack handed me the letter, as he opened his. Jumping up and down with joy, Jack announced that he made the team. My mother and father were elated. I opened the letter, feeling confident, even though all eyes were on me. As I sped through the letter, one paragraph in particular…show more content…
You know you deserve to be on that team, and as long as you know you did well, that is all that matters,” mom said, trying to comfort me. “Exactly, my dream college would not accept me because I am a girl,” I said as my eyes filled with tears. “It is not like I can re-try because they still will not accept me.” I ran upstairs in a fury regretting even trying out. “I just do not understand,” said Jack. “Macy was the best on the team. She scored more touchdowns than anyone on the team.” “It’s because she is a girl, Jack!” replied dad. “It 's because she is a girl.” ... Throughout the season, the main topic seemed to be about that heartbreaking letter. I wanted to go and support Jack, but it was just plain embarrassing facing the coaches again. I could not get over how angry I was, and I had to do something about it. “Hey Jack, can I ask you something?” I said. “Sure, anything. What is going on?” he replied. “I was wondering if you could give up your spot in the finals for me?” I said slowly. “Macy, are you out of your mind,” Jack yelled. “No, no way!” “Jack please,” I pleaded. “I just want a chance to prove the coaches wrong and stand up for girls who might be in the same
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