Football Work Ethic

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In my opinion, I would let my son play football because the sport helps teach good work ethic, promotes physical workout routines, and establishes commitment. These, in my opinion, are all traits that are key to the outside world and that’s why I would encourage my son to play football.
One main reason I would let my son play football is because it teaches a good work ethic. Football teaches good work ethic skills. Through years of training players are broken down physically and then built back up mentally. This physical breakdown gives players other skills such as respect and logical thinking. According to a recent news segment on CNN, “Players on great teams work all year round to develop the strength, endurance and skills they need to win in the fall.” A good work ethic is key to success in the outside world on and off the field because employers, mentors, trainers, and even parents all very much enjoy and are impressed by hard workers who are persistent. Work ethic is a key skill in being successful in a job and in academic work field. “The first great lesson boys learn playing football is that great things are only achieved after long hours of hard work.” CNS News.
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Football teaches commitment because it is like a family or huge community pushing you to do good, to succeed, to be responsible, to be committed. Football you are committed in many ways such as showing up to practice, showing up to games, trying your hardest at every practice and game. “Our young men need to regain a sense of responsibility, loyalty and commitment. The most important of these being commitment.” Football lessons learned from Football. Commitment is the most important quality and lesson learned in football because it is great to have on and off the field. It teaches players that life can throw easy and difficult obstacles at you and you still follow through in what you said and was
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