Football Workout Essay

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Football Workouts

Strength and fitness level play critical roles in the football game. It is a sport that requires a number of abilities. These abilities include fast sprinting speed with acceleration, strength and endurance in the lower part of the body good level of neuromuscular co-ordination and muscular balance, greater flexibility to avoid muscle injuries, a good balance between hamstring and quadriceps and a healthy balance between the left and right leg. These abilities are achievable with the help of football workouts.

How to go for football workouts

The football workouts routine should take a form and speed work should be given the prime attention. Here plyometric circuit works better as it provides explosive strength. This circuit is done at least once in a week.
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It involves leg circuit, abdominal circuit and upper body circuit. It is good to perform each of this exercise at least 15 times and the speed of doing these exercises should at good pace. First leg circuit is done followed by both leg and upper body circuit and lastly all three including abdominal circuit are done one by one. Now comes the turn of strength training section of football workouts. Strength training in the football workouts is the most important element for the game of football. Here, first of all low intensity workouts are done and sore muscles should not be worked in this process. The strength training for the lower body includes exercise tools such as seated leg extension machine called quads, calf machine, cable abductor, abductor pulls, leg press quadriceps, hamstrings adductor machine and gluts. For lower body it is better to do 2-3 exercises with the help of these tools and the repetitions should not be less than 15 to 17. These exercise tools work all the major muscles in the lower body parts such as lower back, legs, thighs and fast foot positions. Workouts for the upper body parts include wide
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