Foothill High School Case Study

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Define Clear Objectives I am working on this need assessment for the Foothill High School in an attempt to reach out to parent and faculty to help prevent unmanageable stress by building programs and resources in helping deal with teenage stress and risky behaviors . The schedule for students can be at times over bearing preventing students from having down time which can cause many risk factors both currently and in the future. At Foothill high school it is important to assess situations which could cause high stress to high school students as well as find ways to help them manage those stressful things in their life. It has been said that academic, athletic, social, and personal challenges have been regarded as domains of “good stress” …show more content…

I would first conduct a survey among students to gain information on what stress triggers there maybe. In this survey the students I would find out their emotional and academic state. Asking questions about their emotional feelings on a day to day basis, as well as questions that relate to how much extra curricular activities, sports, and time spent on home work nightly. I would request assistant from the teachers in conducting this survey. This would be a survey that would be done at the beginning of each students home room class. This would be conducted a few months into school year. With this survey I would conduct it anonymously so that the students feel comfortable answering the questions and for each student in the classroom that completes the survey will be entered into a drawing for a Dutch Bros gift card. My hopes in doing that is that it will motivate the students to participate to their fullest and answer the questions to the best of their …show more content…

As well as improve their ability to function without any behavioral risk such as anger, depression and to be able to be successful in school by maintaining passing grades. With the sample information It will help guide me in my attempt to have stress management workshop knowing information on the surveys will help implement a successful work shop and to be able to address those areas of concern.
I anticipate that I will obtain further data analysis from other involved parties or stakeholders that can contribute to the data in regards to this issue. Those other groups of people that I would like to gather some data from would be those college level students, Teachers, and Parents. By gathering additional information from others it will help pin point other noticeable areas that need improvement. I believe that most anyone involved in a students life are looking out for their best interest and want to see their student

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