Case Study Footlocker

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Task 1:
P1: Footlocker is one of the biggest sportswear and footwear retailers, the main department is in Manhattan/New York, and it’s approximately have the store in 20 countries world wide, footlocker was established in (1974) and it became a company in (1988).
• In the top of the Structure of footlocker pyramid is the CEO, and CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer, the CEO have a lot of responsibilities, and the main responsibilities is developing, implementing high level strategies and making major corporate decisions. Then the president come next, the president sends reports about the organization to the CEO, and the main responsibilities of the president is creating ideas, communicate with the staff and implementing the vision
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And the applier should have good communication skills, because he/her will be communicate with the clients, and listen to them and understand their demands, and explain to them your recommendations, so the applier should know to talk in a formal way and when the client his body language counts, so he could make the client feel comfortable and feel free to talk. And the applier should be focused and pay attention in every detail, even a small detail can have big effect, so he should be able to pay attention on every detail. He/her should have great math skills, because the applier will deal with numbers always, subtract, adding, and dividing instantly, so the applier could make a bunch of financial calculation and estimating value. And last thing he should have technical skills, because there is a lot of financial analysts, and he/her will work with special financial software, so he should be able to work with computers…show more content…
After hiring they also plan to train the employees with a good training, so the employee know what to do, and the human resource develop plans for employee. Every single employee in the organization are guarded by the rights that they given them from the government, so that why the human resource management work here is to keep every aspects of recruiting is legal. For every employee there a specific skill he should be good at, if the human resource management thought that the employee needs more skill, the training is provide, so they can meet the organization goals. To improve the communication skills of the staff, every month, I gather the new employee and the old employee, and we make a scenario when is the new employee is the organization staff and the old employee is the clients, and ill tell the new employees to communicate with the “Clients” which is the new employee, and every month we will change the teams like this month will be as I mentioned and the next month the old employees will be the organization staff and the new employees will be the clients, and that way human resource could improve the staff
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