Footloose Dance Analysis

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What’s better than sitting at home, watching Kevin Bacon dance it out in “Footloose”? Watching your classmates perform the same songs and choreography at school. I was surprisingly entertained by Sacred Heart-Griffin’s production of “Footloose,” which was performed from Thursday, March 17, to Sunday, March 20. “Footloose” follows the story of Ren McCormack (played by junior Kyle Bolinger), who moves from Chicago to the small town of Bomont. When he learns that no one can publicly dance within the city limits, Ren and his classmates fight the law for the right to dance. Ren also falls in love with Ariel Moore (played by senior Sydney Compton), the daughter of the preacher who first enforced the no-dancing rule. I honestly did not know that “Footloose” was a musical. I wasn’t sure…show more content…
Many of the song were heartwarming, and many were exciting and fun, but my favorite part of the show was its humor. And there wouldn’t be much humor in the show without Ren’s best friend Willard Hewitt. I couldn’t have thought of a better Willard than junior Jimmy Tapocik. Tapocik stole the show with his jokes, his accent and his dancing. Tapocik was overjoyed to get to play Willard said he had no trouble getting down the part. “I didn’t really practice for the role other than line memorization because I grew up around racing fans–especially NASCAR fans–so I knew I had the accent down already,” Jimmy said. “And it wasn’t as awkward to dance horribly as some may think because I just took the choreography of when I [dance] properly and put myself in the mindset of ‘How silly can I make this look?’” Both Tapocik’s and Compton’s favorite parts of the musical was receiving compliments and cheers from the audience, both strangers and students alike. “That is the best,” said Compton, “knowing you made people happy and entertained
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