Footloose: Movie Analysis

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Mrs. Schumacher
Film Appreciation
Final Paper

When watching both Footloose movies the 1984 and the 2011 version, there are quite a few noticeable differences. I would like to start out by saying that the biggest one is the character choice. In my opinion Kevin Bacon didn't play a very good Ren McCormick. I believe that Kenny Wormald plays a better Ren. In my opinion the more modern version of the movie is a lot more up beat. Wormald dances WAY better! The dancing in this movie is a lot more dirty, Which makes more sense in the world of “banning dancing”. Also a noticeable change in the movie is there are a lot more colored people in the new 2011 version. I see more colored young men and women in the first couple dance scenes, then there is in the whole 1984 movie combined. A bitter sweet change in
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The reason I believe this is sad because before Ren moves to Bomont, his mother dies of cancer back in Boston, and his father is a dead beat. His mother gives him a sense of security in the old movie that he doesn't have in the new movie. Which gets made up for by his Uncle Wesley and his Aunt Vi. One scene that is relatively the same is the scene where Chuck openly abuses Ariel. He tells her to get out of the truck and she starts vandalizing the truck with a piece of steel rebar and he gets out an beats her up. And the scene were the reverend slaps ariel in the church after she screams out “ I’m not even a virgin!” Although there a quite a few noticeable changes brought about in these two films one is a classic and the other is still a hit movie. The ending of either of these movies basically go hand in hand, the ends justify the means, the resistance of the petition, and at the dance where Chuck shows up and Ren beats him up. All of these event are close to identical. So after seeing these similarities I encourage you to cut loose with
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