Footloose Sequel Analysis

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dison Haines
02 Feb 18
English 1010
Claire Teter Footloose Sequel
This paper is about the Footloose sequel and comparing the two. It is very easy to remake any film, but is it easy when it comes to remaking an original classic and trying to make a better movie from an already better movie? The answer is yes, the original footloose was good but everyone thought the remake was better due to the modern age opinion.
The original Footloose was made in 1984, which today would make thirty-four years ago. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker playing Rusty and Kevin Beacon playing Ren McCormack. With both roles, the actors had a launching career and several to follow behind them. The story of Kevin
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It served as the perfect outlet to discuss both sides of this issue while still creating memorable characters. This soundtrack had a variety of songs that had different tempos and emotions flowing through rhythmically with edited in key points.
The remake of Footloose was made in 2011, making today its seven-year mark and making its way to a successfully made Broadway play. Paramount Pictures teamed with Spyglass Entertainment and MTV films to do this amazing remake of a memorable classic. Starring Julianne Hough, pro ballroom dancer, and two-time winner ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, and Kenny Wormald, backup dancer and actor for Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Nelly Furtado, and much more music videos. Serving them well with their music industry experience turned out to a very successful
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Most people in our day in age can say the new remake was better than the original with it still being a forever classic. The sequel, in most opinions, enhanced and brought an upbringing then tarnishing or brining the overall worth down. The remake follows the original but for sure has its own twist and zing, having great extensions and a lot of good reviews. Younger people can understand the hip and up to date movie, as to older viewers can still sit back and enjoy the

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