For Colored Girls And Passion Play

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Indicate two sentences or thoughts you found well written. What makes each a strong sentence? “this waz an experiment / to see how selfish i cd be / if i wd really carry on to snare a possible lover / if i waz capable of debasin myself for the love of another” pg 34. I found this quote by the lady in red dress to be very strong towards herself. I thought that this quote was a moment of self reflect and judgement of oneself to see whether she was able to be strong in a relationship. “I am really colored girl/im finally bein real/ no longer symmetrical & impervious to pain” (44). I find this quote to be strong because she is putting it out there that she is a colored female and portrays that she strong with her identity. She also is true to herself and to others around her by telling them who she is.…show more content…
Be sure to use specific examples and mention details from the other plays we have discussed. -One similarity that I noticed between For colored girls and Passion Play is that the lady in yellow is a virgin but looses her virginity right after graduation. In Passion play Mary 2 was a virgin but acted as “slut” in the play, but later in the play she looses her virginity with Mary 1. -A similarity in the Chinatown play and for colored girls is that they both characters, Benjamin and the lady the lady in blue have a cultural identity in which they embrace. -One of the differences that I found between For colored girls and the other plays is that in for colored girls there are no acts or scenes but in the other plays there are acts and scenes. -Maggie from Cat on a Hot Tin roof wanted to have a baby in contrast to this the girl in the blue didn’t want to have a baby, so she had an abortion. In your own words, what are the women saying when they talk about rape or being
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