For Goodness Sex Ventacchio Summary

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For Goodness Sex, by Al Vernacchio, is a welcome relief from the two previous books; Girls & Sex and Man Interrupted, as the focus is about sexuality as a whole; gender, sexual orientation, etc., rather than on the culture of females and males. In a chapter titled “Gender Myths,” Vernacchio (2014) asks the question, “male and female, is that all there is” (Vernacchio, A., p. 112, 2014)? In teaching his class on Sexuality and Society, Vernacchio asks these questions and questions similar, demonstrating that he takes into consideration that there are feelings at stake and keeps in mind the human aspect of sex and sexuality as he is intentionally behind challenging students to foresee and develop their sense of values about sex, instead of constantly being “in the moment.”…show more content…
Those of us who are thirty years and older may recall a curriculum that was fear and judgment based, and that the only acceptable sex education was an abstinence-only based curriculum, and you are told only about the dangers of sex. American’s have been told that sex is something sinful, so naturally talking about something so sinful is very uncomfortable. However, the interest in sex, stills remains, and we as humans, are both interested and disgusted simultaneously. Moreover, Vernacchio asks his students what they might imagine there own ‘first moment’ to be like. Furthermore, Vernacchio focuses on body image, and talking about sex with your partner, feeling that if a person can’t talk about sex, they shouldn’t be having sex of any kind. He focuses on topics such as, why is sex so good and when is someone emotionally and physically ready for sex (Vernacchio, A. 2014) all require a deep reflection as to why a person wants to have sex in the first place as well as the reality that they may not be emotionally or physically ready for
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