For One More Day Character Analysis

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The book For One More Day shows us many human experiences that we can compare to our lives or people that we may know. Every character in the book has a different backstory and different situations they go through. Posey Benetto. Being one of the main characters in the story she has very interesting situations she had to go through. Posey Benetto is your usual pretty married women with two kids. A very normal family from the outside, but what others don’t see is what happens inside the doors of their own house. Posey and her husband have been going through some very hard times. Their divorce changes Posey’s world upside down. Going from a “Queen” to an “Outcast”. All the other housewives see her as a threat being a single beautiful women and they shut her out of their lives. Posey, being the persistent woman she is, goes on with her life; she doesn't listen to the people tell her to leave. She stays…show more content…
Charles, also known as Chick, grew up and married his highschool sweetheart Catherine. They had a beautiful baby girl named Maria. They were happy; some say a perfect family. Then when Chick’s mother, Posey, passed away chick went into a deep depression. His life turned into a complete mess. It was not fun for everyone around him to see him go through such a tragedy. Catherine and Maria stood by his side for a very long time, even through his drunken rages and late nights. But it begun to be to much for them to handle. Catherine left Chick and took Maria with her. Years go one with him still drinking and his life getting more and more messy. Catherine and Chick kept connection, but that didn't help anything. Maria grew up into a beautiful women just like her mother, and got married. Maria, not knowing who her father had become, didn't invite CHick to her wedding. Maria and Catherine didn't think this was a big deal. From all of the tragedy and growing apart, Catherine and Maria’s decisions became more and more apparent and
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