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Nothing is considered to be better than a lovely person called mother, her love, and care. Certainly, I can say with that I never understand the suffering from the unbearable loss of a dear person. The novel entitled “For One More Day” by Mitch Albom, had shown me on how it feels to lose our mother. I started to understand Charley Benetto’s feeling to lose someone that he loved. There are perhaps no appropriate words to describe this agony, at least none used on this world. This intolerable pain which tears us apart, which is like a stone on our heart, and which make tears run down our face with each reminiscence of the dear person who passed away. Time is unlikely to alleviate this pain, no matter what others claim. Sometimes there will be…show more content…
Before he knows the truth about his father, he plays baseball because he wanted to make his father be proud of him. For example, Chick joins a baseball club and practise a lot in order to become a professional baseball player as what as his father dream of him that could be seen from the middle part of the movie. Everything changes after the imaginary meeting. He realises the fact that his father, the one who he admire the most was cheating his mother. For example,he was married with other women on the sly and they also had a son. Charley later plays baseball for his own sake and not for his irresponsible father anymore. For example, Chick ignores him right after he finishes the baseball World Series competition. On the other hand, nothing can change the fact that he is still a big fan of baseball. Chick starts to love playing baseball when he was still a young boy. For instance, he always plays baseball together with his father at their house yard and joins the junior baseball competition. His interests toward baseball will never fade as he enjoys watching the kids playing baseball at the last part of the movie. Chick always reminisce the happy moment with his family in the past after watching the kids playing baseball at the last part of the

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