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“Life begins at your comfort zone.” Neale Walsh once said. Many share this same outlook in life while others may say otherwise. Al Young shares the same belief in life as Neale Walsh in his short poem. “For Poets”, by Al Young, is an uplifting and inspirational poem. Young’s poem portrays life’s hardships and the struggle between a person and the world. Young encourages his readers to venture out of their comfort zone and to live life to its fullest potential, which is the theme. Al Young develops and supports his argument by using literary devices. Including symbolism, hyperbole, and metaphors. In today’s society people often don’t express themselves in fear of judgment. Most people simply just take the easy way out and do that pleases other…show more content…
For example, if you want to make into varsity in a sport, you have to work hard to get yourself in that position. Meaning putting in the extra work trying and your best at practices. Young acknowledges this belief and demonstrates it in stanza three using a metaphor. “Swim upstream.” (16). When Young writes this, he does not mean literally but figuratively. He compares attempting to pursue goals in life to swimming upstream. As it is known that swimming upstream is difficult which stands for the hardships and obstacles in the process of pursuing your goals in life. These metaphors develop Young’s argument because in achieving your goals despite hardships is a part of living life to its fullest potential. In the poem “For Poets”, by Al Young, the theme is the challenge of stepping out of your comfort zone and seizing moments in life. Young expands and argues his theme through the literary devices used in the poem. These literary devices include symbolism, hyperbole, and metaphor. Al Young portrays life’s obstacles, our society’s attitude towards self expression, and experiencing nature. In conclusion, life is a big obstacle and in order to live it, you must go out of your comfort zone and try your best to give it all you’ve

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