For The Birds Essay

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“For the Birds” is a film that people of all ages should witness and take to heart. Velutinous, whimsical, diminutive blue birds being rude to each other is what Pixar uses to teach viewers the lesson that it is unacceptable to be a bully. The film addresses the worldwide dilemma of bullying and the consequences it brings. Moreover, the film is effective in conveying the message that bullying comes full circle and those who are bullied often become bullies. “For The Birds,” like all other Pixar films, is entertaining, as well. All in all, both children and adults will relate to the message and the comedy offered in “For the Birds.” Pixar is one of the world’s largest animation studios that is owned by Disney. Short films are not…show more content…
Unwanted, aggressive behavior, among any age group classifies as bullying. Cyberbullying is another form of bullying that involves social media and electronic devices. In my opinion, cyber bullying is more severe because, at the end of the day, the victim can not get away from the issue. They go home to social media, what is now the center of our time, and it is impossible to escape the terror of being bullied. Bullying does not just end when an age group grows up. Usually someone who was bullied becomes the bully, therefore passing on the hateful tradition. The, once victim, feels that it is unfair that they were bullied and choses to pass on the issue. Meaning, they may not simply chose to continue on with life without causing another human being the pain that they went through because “that’s life.” Life struggles should not include people turning on eachother. Life should be about different types of people learning to grow together rather than apart. “For the Birds” is an interesting, hilarious film, that shows all age groups the outcome of bullying. While dealing with a serious issue, Ralph Eggelston, the director, included bits of humor to make the viewing enjoyable, henceforth making people want to watch it. All in all, it is an amazing film that is helpful to stopping the dilemma of
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