Pre-Text Analysis

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After analyzing the text, it is evident in the scripture before and after the main text, God emphasizes the same problem and solution regarding worshipping other gods. The three sections, pre-text, main text, and post-text, present similar situations, but with varying circumstances; the texts are rooted in the same thing: following God. The pre-text and the main text stress the accomplishments of God. In the pre-text, in the middle of verse five, it states, “God – who brought you out of the land of Egypt and redeemed you from the land of slavery”; in the main text, in the middle of verse 10, it states, “God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house slavery.” Both the pre-text and the main text explain the achievements of…show more content…
While this question seems to bear a simple answer – to follow Him, there is a more complicated answer which unfolds throughout the text. In the pre-text, beginning in verse 4, God provides a list which describes how the Israelites should follow him; this includes to follow, fear, obey, serve Him, as well as keep His commandments. Continuing in the pre-text, the Lord commands the Israelites to “put to death” (verse 5) any prophets or divine dreamers who encourage an Israelite to follow or serve another God. As explained by God, to love Him means to obey and follow Him, so if the Israelites love God they will follow this command. For the Israelites, this means to show their love for God, they must kill a prophet they commit this…show more content…
The text is narrating as it is telling the story of the Israelites, God, and others. It narrates the story of God and the Israelites after He rescued them out of Egypt; the text continues to narrate as God instructs them on the consequences of worshipping and serving other Gods. The text is continually “warning”; the Israelites are warned of the consequences they must carry out if one entices them to worship or follow another god. They are warned as they are given examples of what to do if a prophet, a person of whom they are in close relation to, or a town suggests following another God. After their warning, they are told “all of Israel will hear and be afraid” (verse 10). A piece that plays into “warning” is “commanding”; God warns the Israelites by commanding them. The text commands the Israelites as He says, “obey the voice of the Lord” (18). The voice of the Lord commands the Israelites to kill anyone who tells the Israelites to go and worship other gods. The text is “explaining” what it means to love God; it states one needs to follow, fear, obey, and serve God, as well as keep His commandments. The text also explains how the consequences of sinners should be carried out; it states they should be “put to death”, “stoned to death”, and to put the “[sinners] of the town to the sword”.
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