For The Love Of Candy Short Story

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For the Love of Candy

By Taylor Sempf

For Sam, Emma, Adriana,and Jorden, for always being my friends

Sempf,Taylor. For the Love of Candy. Michigan:The Quartet Publishing Inc.,2016.
Once upon a time, in the small town of Bakersville, there lived two friends, Nedroj and Rolyat. They loved candy, any candy would do, chocolate, jelly beans, suckers, and even jawbreakers.

Their love of candy got so strong that they ate it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

During lunch at school, the two were snacking on all of their favorite candies. “I love the Quartet’s Chocolatte Bar so much!” cheered Rolyat. “I love jellybeans, the blue are my absolute favorite!” Nedroj yelled excitedly.

“You know,Nedroj, it’s probably not good that we are eating this much candy.” “Who cares! It tastes so good,” Nedroj shouted with excitement. “Yeah...I guess so,” Rolyat uttered with uncertainty. Amme and Anairda, some of Nedroj’s and Rolyat’s other best friends, were walking past their lunch table.
They saw all of Nedroj’s and Rolyat’s candy wrappers scattered about the table.


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