Forbidden Love In Voltaire's Candide

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The Bible itself is the most sold book in all of history, for good reason. In one way or another, it has impacted the lives of almost everyone. Whether it is through the practice of religion, or through the arts, it is a part of us all. Authors have been fond of using it as a tool in their writing, which can be as seen as a type of “Easter egg”. They are not easily shown and the readers sometimes have to dig deep to see them, and the same goes for those eggs. This technique can be used to strengthen the story and the meaning behind it. Voltaire is a prime example. The story of Candide is a typical hero’s journey; the protagonist is on a quest and faces multiple hardships along the way. Considering that plot has been played out many, many times…show more content…
Voltaire makes it known that the quest for Cunegonde’s love is an important aspect of Candide’s life. Stories throughout the centuries have featured forbidden love as the main plot, one of which would be Dinah and the Schemites. This story from the Bible is not nearly as known as The Fall of Man is, but it still shares similarities with Candide. Some say that it is because the story deals with rape so it is sheltered from various readers, but the story of Candide is not shy with the type of drama that unfolds (Scholz). Another reason may be because parents wanted their children to be shielded from the terrors of the world (Scholz). Either way, it relates to Candide’s tale in more ways than one. The story of Dinah was one day she was walking in the land of the Schemites when the prince came upon her and raped her (Genesis 34). The prince then fell in love with her, but everyone forbade it (34). Dinah’s brothers did not trust the prince who had done such an awful thing to their sister (34). However, the prince tried every day to prove his love to Dinah and show that he was worthy to be in that relationship. In Candide, everyone in Cunegonde’s family disapproves of their possible marriage. Not because he did something awful to her or dishonored them in any way, just because he did not have money (Voltaire 13). That is where the two stories differ. Candide, however, did try to prove his love for Cunegonde all throughout the novel. He would travel to the ends of the earth just to find her and find a way for them to be together once again
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