Force Field Analysis Paper

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Force Field Analysis
1. Identify and understand a specific personal issue that is causing you stress, worry, or concern. This issue must be something that is generally within your control and that you would like to improve or change.
• A specific personal issue that is causing me stress, worry, and concern would be my school grades. I would like to keep my grades in manner that is pleasing to me and not let them drop past a certain point. This can be very stressful because many outside forces help contribute to not doing well with my school work.

2. Identify and understand the desired goal (what change you would like to see)
• I would like to get and keep my grades in a position that is satisfactory to me and my family.

3. List and describe specific forces. You may use the diagram below as a template or
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Evaluate the chart and determine whether change is viable (are you ready for the change or is it something that you can do right now?). When working on completing the analysis, I came to realize many things about my restraining forces and driving forces that I had not previously been aware of. I have always been aware of some of the distractions that interfere with my success, but I was not aware of all of them or how much they affected me. When being assigned to rate how much each factor influence my success, it really brought to my attention of how much they truly do. I also liked that I was able to remind myself of why I want to achieve my goal by listing my driving forces. In conclusion, after completing the chart, I was able to realize that change was completely possible. There are many things that restrain me from my success, but they are things that with some practice I can limit and become more successful. Also, when comparing my two lists of restraining forces and driving forces, I can see the true reason why I want to succeed and the driving forces, even though the list is smaller, is much more compelling to me over the restraining
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