Force Stabilization Initiative

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I am writing this to explain the circumstances that resulted in the recent moves, and the frequency of those moves, of me and my family. Furthermore, I will demonstrate that those moves are abnormal to the Army and should not be used as a basis for determining future moves. In 2004, the Army instituted the Force Stabilization Initiative in order to increase readiness and stability for the fighting force, and predictability for their families. This initiative outlined stability for first term Soldiers at approximately six years and second or third term Soldiers at approximately three years. This initiative did not include Outside Continental United States assignments or hardship tours like Korea. Additionally, due to massive budget cuts including…show more content…
This is a training brigade for Armor Basic Officers Leaders Course and the Army Reconnaissance Course (ARC) as well as attached supporting units. These units fall under the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). In 2005, the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) submitted a final report to the President of the United States which contained recommendations for reshaping the Defense Department 's infrastructure and force structure. Among these recommendations was a proposed move of all Personnel and pay management systems to Fort Knox as well as an outline to move certain TRADOC units to Fort Benning, Georgia which was currently the home of the U.S. Infantry. 316th Cavalry Brigade was one of the units the Commission recommended to make the move. This move was recommended in order to create the Maneuver Center of Excellence and further consolidate TRADOC commands. Once these recommendations were accepted and the Modern Brigade Combat Team concept was adopted by the Army the personnel assigned to these affected units were coded by the Army to participate in the BRAC moves. These codes were placed on assigned personnel in order to retain training continuity throughout the time of these moves. This complete revamping of the Department of Defense is not a common occurrence and took years to be accepted and implemented. Because of the BRAC move and my assignment as an ARC Instructor/Writer I was relocated to Fort Benning, GA along with the entire 316th Cavalry Brigade. Due to the fact that this reassignment was part of the BRAC move the Army did not view it as a PCS since I remained with my Brigade. Once my stability code was lifted at the completion of the BRAC moves in 2013 assignment command viewed me as having four years stability within TRADOC which is referred to as a Temporary Duty Assignment (TDA).

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