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Frequently Asked Questions-Force Zilla

What is Force Zilla? is a leading service provider of Medical record review and summarization services for Personal injury & medical malpractice law firms, Healthcare providers, and Doctors. At Force Zilla, we have a team of professionally qualified and skilled medical reviewers comprising of licensed doctors, paramedical staff, legal experts and documentation specialists to do the job.
What are the services offered by Force Zilla?
Force Zilla offer the below services-
For Attorneys
Personal injury documents review and organization
MMP documents review and organization
For Doctors
Medical Transcription
Medical coding and billing
Which are the firms Force Zilla worked with before?

We work
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All our employees hold bachelor’s or master’s degrees from reputed institutions, in medicine, business, engineering, computer science, commerce or the arts, and have a minimum of 2 to 5 years of experience. For services that require a particular skill or expertise, such as medical record review, we ensure that we hire certified doctors and nurses, who have undergone specific and relevant training. Our employees constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge through seminars and meetings.

What is Force Zilla’s overall scope of Services?

Force Zilla offer all medical related services from the moment the claimant is signed by a law firm through to final settlement. We have the expertise to provide a customized proposal for the client’s current needs and requirements.

Who do offer their services to?
We offer services majorly to attorneys and healthcare professionals/ doctors.
For attorneys:
We help attorneys in organizing their patient medical documents, indexing, making chronologies, and separate all evidence and information regarding claimant’s standard of care that the client encountered during his accident or treatment. All documents will be reviewed by our licensed doctors and will organize by documentation specialists in a very intuitive way so that can it can help our attorney win the case in
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We want you to have more time for your family and friends while we will help your practice grow and get it up to speed by taking over most of the grunt work.
Does it mean that I lose control over my business when I involve to handle my business processes?
No, outsourcing enables more control over current business functions and allows you to concentrate on critical functions. The control should be need based.
If I have additional questions, who do I call?
You can call our office at +1-888-208-1123, from 8 am to 5 pm pacific standard time. We’ll be happy to answer your any questions. If you prefer to email, you can also send us your questions at or contact us directly via our contact us page.

How will communication take place between us?
As our client, you will not encounter any language barriers. Communication about your project will take place in English only. All of our staff are fluent in spoken and written English. You can choose any communication channel that best suits you—phone, email or
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