Forced Conformity Analysis

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People who make choices and express beliefs and ideas are good to develop for children as they grow up, they can have individual thoughts which are unique. Each people have their unique way of thinking, some people that are unoriginal don't know the meaning of originality and so on. freedom is essential for humanity, people have different choices, way of thinking, ideas and even feelings about an specific object or person. Learning about dissimilarities is really important and can help to see each people's weaknesses. Variety is really good to see other people positive characteristics. On the other hand, forced conformity make other people feel uncomfortable and can't learn from each other. Individual liberty is so important that people can…show more content…
Depending on how people behave and the results or consequences of its acts tell them not to do it again. The actions of other people can affect others, such that action can be considered inappropriate. Opinions are free to say while actions require some regulation. According to Mill Society disapproves an action through "advice, persuasion, instruction and avoidance by other people if thought necessary by them for their own good." There are some conditions in which not all actions that cause damage or harm others are bad, but for example; if a person has a raised at his/her job and success even more than the other coworkers, then there is no right to punish people for the harm caused. Authorities should respect other people's rights and the decisions that they want to cause harm for themselves. for example; if a person is warned to don't cross the street because it's recently constructed and need to dry the cement, so if that person does cross means she/he knew already the risks but wanted to do it…show more content…
The person who has the most likely to do something, is the one who is qualified to perform that action and people should act on their own way for individual benefit. If authority intervenes then people won't be able to express their own likes, and thinking about something in particular. Government can become dangerous and drawing a line should be important for society. People must have freedom to develop their own likes and capabilities to choose between right and wrong. Government try to help people make the right choice but this is not helping, according to mill, it only brings disagreement and conflict of ideas because no all of the people are think and act the same. Many people can be bothered and some individuals can gain the perspective to help himself. Improvements and progress can be seen through freedom of opinions and choices. People learn mistakes and lies from freedom, their opinions and everything make them have different point of views and perspectives. The popular opinion could be wrong or mistaken, both opinions might be partly true and debating someone's opinion is the only way to understand
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